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Accepted Insurance

These are some of the medical coverages that we accept:

- Blue Cross-Blue Shield
- Aetna Quality Point of Service (Q-POS)
- Aetna PPO
- Private Health Care System
- Medicare
- United Healthcare
- Healthnet PPO
- SAG Insurance
- First Health
- Tricare/TriWest
- Greatwest

We do accept most PPO's. We do not accept kaiser. If you do have kaiser you can only go to kaiser and very rarely any other doctor. If your insurance is not listed above, please contact the office to find out if we accept your coverage.

The patient is responsible for any co-pays or deductibles.

Insurance Verifiation

Dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare, especially if you don't deal with them everyday. Fortunately for you, we do deal with them everyday. Please take a moment to completely fill out the verification form below and we will contact your insurance company to find out what benefits they can offer to handle your needs.

As always, 866-866-FEET.COM respects your privacy and will never share your information with any third parties. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to speaking with you.

Patient Information

Insurance Information