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How long does my procedure last?
Most of our procedures lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. However, by the time you at arrive our office and by the time you leave, it might take a couple of hours.

Does my insurance cover my procedure?
Your insurance may cover the procedure if there is an underlying medical problem. Filling out the insurance verification form will enable us to estimate what insurance will pay for.

How long after my procedure can I walk?
Most of our patients are able to walk right after surgery; however, we may advise reduced activity for a few days.

Do I have to get casted after my procedure?
Most of our patients do not get casted. We will likely ask you to wear a special shoe that we provide to speed up healing time.

How many days after my procedure can I fly on a plane?
We recommend at least three days, to avoid the strain of going through transit.

Does someone have to come with me on the day of my procedure?
We recommend that someone accompany you, especially if you are undergoing anesthesia.

Do I have to undergo full anesthesia when I get a procedure done?
Most of our procedures are either done under local anesthesia, the same one you get when you go to the dentist to get your teeth filled. Or light sedation, twilight sleep where the anesthesiologist makes you sleepy while we perform the procedure. We rarely use general anesthesia or full anesthesia.

My sister has a bunion does it mean that I will get a bunion too?
Some foot conditions are hereditary however, your daily activity and the type of shoes you wear can worsen a condition or slow down the progression of a deformity.

If I get my bunion removed is there a chance that it might come back?
There is a small chance that it might return in twenty years or less.

Are your procedure guaranteed to fix the problem?
Even the best surgeons in the world can not guarantee their work, no one can. We can do the best we can to fix the problem and most of the time we are successful.

How long after my procedure can I wear my regular shoes?
This depends on many factors including how healthy you are, how old you are, if you smoke and the specific procedure.

How long after my procedure can I return to work?
This depends on many factors, including the the type of work you do. For example, a waitress or a police officer needs to return to work much later than someone with a desk job. The other factors are age and health, the younger a patient and the healthier they are the faster they can return to work.

Are all procedures done by Dr. Ravaei?
Yes, Dr. Ravaei is the only one who performs the procedures and he will also follow you up after the procedure.

Can a procedure be performed in any of the locations?
Some procedures can be, not all of them.

I am from a different state or a different country; can I fly in for my procedure?

We do have out-of-town patients and we do the best we can to accommodate them. Make sure you give us a few weeks of advance notice.