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There are many causes for ankle and foot pain. After all, your foot carries a significant burden over a lifetime. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept pain. Dr. Ravaei specializes in the treatment of foot bunionscorns, long second toesfungal nail infections, athlete's foot, neuroma, ingrown nailhammertoe, and brachymetatarsia in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and surrounding Southern California.

Dr. Ravaei’s treatments have resulted in highly positive outcomes for our patients. Now you can see some of these achievements for yourself. Our inspiring “Before” and “After” photo gallery shows what happens when common foot problems receive proper treatment. As you can see, the difference is striking. All of these photos have been submitted by actual patients who have experienced foot problems.

The results of the treatment speak for themselves. For example, notice the dramatic benefits of corn removal surgery in the Before” and “After” photos. (Learn more about the reasons for corn removal here.) We also offer advanced techniques for treating hammertoe, foot bunion, fungal toe, nail infection, and other foot related problems.

Dr. Ravaei is a foot & ankle specialist and he treats hammertoe, corn removal, bunion, fungal toe nail infection.