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Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Dr. Ravaei, the Inland Empire cosmetic foot surgery specialist at 866 866 Feet, is certified by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics, one of the two boards certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and is currently licensed in four different states. He is a highly qualified foot and ankle cosmetic foot surgery specialist who has performed more than 5,000 surgical procedures. Dr. Ravaei of 866 866 Feet has five locations in Southern California, all of which are close to major highways, major cross sections, and public transportation, meaning that all of his offices can be accessed with ease. Some of the offices are equipped with the latest digital and x-ray machines that expose patients to the least amount of radiation and provide instant images.

Dr. Ravaei is a caring person who understands how important it is for patients to look good, feel good, and be free of discomfort and pain. In addition, Dr. Ravaei is aware that feet are an important part of the body and carry an enormous burden over a lifetime. Cosmetic foot surgery can correct many painful deformities such as bunions, fungal nail infections, Athlete's foot, heel pain syndrome, neuroma, warts, ingrown nails, corns, hammer toe and brachymetatarsia.

With his extensive experience in cosmetic foot surgery, Dr. Ravaei of 866 866 Feet achieves excellent results and restores feet while enhancing their physical appearance. Dr. Ravaei was appointed Chief of Department of Podiatric Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in 2003, and during the time he held the position he trained many residents and students who are now in successful practice. He is happy to respond to all questions and concerns. After your consultation, Dr. Ravaei will design a customized cosmetic foot surgery plan for each patient. He also realizes that some patients are anxious about invasive procedures and he attempts to ease fears with full explanations of what he will do to provide freedom from pain, as well as a cosmetically appealing result. Cosmetic foot surgery does sometimes leave some marking, but Dr. Ravaei utilizes the same techniques used by plastic surgeons to create the best possible outcome.

Your Inland Empire cosmetic foot surgery specialist at 866 866 Feet can help patients with heel pain syndrome, which is the result of inflammation of the band of fibrous connective tissue running along the bottom of the foot, normally caused by the wearing of high heels for long periods. High heels are usually the culprits behind bunions, 866 866 Feet cosmetic foot surgery treats the problem with physical therapy and other non-invasive treatments. Surgery is sometimes the best option for patients. Brachymetatarsia typically occurs in women and is a condition where the bone in the fourth toe stops growing during childhood, leading to a floppy toe. This deformity can cause significant pain and both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available.