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Bunion Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Sean S. Ravaei is a board-certified foot and ankle specialist with experience in safe bunion treatment in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Ravaei also provides bunion removal and bunion surgery for patients in Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Huntington Beach, and the Inland Empire.

Also called Hallux Valgus, bunions are a progressive bone disorder. They typically appear as bony bumps at the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe. Due to structural alterations in the foot and toe, you will find that the feet don’t align properly. This results in the big toe inclining inner wards towards the second toe instead of remaining straight.

Bunions are common in adults, but adolescents may experience them too. It could result from inherent issues with the foot bones or other conditions.

Signs and Symptoms of Bunions

You should seek bunion treatment if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Bunion Removal

Treatment modalities for bunions include home regimens, medication, and surgical procedures.

The use of medication may help relieve pain and swelling. Over the counter pain-relieving medications such as Ibuprofen help in reducing pain. Cortisone injections are also effective in relieving swellings, especially in the fluid-filled pads cushioning the bones.

Bunion Surgery

Severe cases of bunions may require surgery for removal. Surgery is usually recommended for those who experience severe pain and inflammation, have severe deformity or cannot straighten the toe due to stiffness. The goal of surgery is to realign the metatarsophalangeal joint, correct deformities, and relieve pain.

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