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Corn Removal Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Sean Ravaei is a leading board-certified foot and ankle specialist specializing in corn removal in Los Angeles, CA. He treats patients in Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Inglewood, and throughout the Inland Empire for corn removal surgery, bunion removal, and hammertoe surgery.

What are Corns?

Corns are the accumulation of hard skin between the toes or near the toe's bony prominence. Corns are in various forms, based on how they develop. Hard corns, which are the most common, involve a high concentration of hard skin within a wide area of thickened skin. Soft corns appear grey or whitish, have a rubbery texture, and they appear between toes. Seed corns are small and appear at the bottom of a person's foot.

As corns grow, they become thick and painful. They may be not only painful but also uncomfortable. In many cases, corn removal surgery is the best treatment option. Surgery is often recommended if you have unsuccessfully tried other less invasive methods to remove them.

What to Expect During Corn Removal Surgery

If you have opted for surgery to remove your hard, soft, or seed corn, you probably have many questions about the procedure. It is generally an outpatient procedure that is done in our comfortable office. The surgery usually takes about 30 minutes to complete.

You will be given a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. The doctor will make an incision using a sterile scalpel on the toe area affected depending on the type of corn and its position. The doctor will cover the affected area with a sterile bandage.

After corn removal surgery, patients are advised to stay off their feet for 72 hours. During this healing period, you should keep your feet dry and clean to reduce the risks of infection. Any stitches will be removed in approximately ten days. Be sure to keep any follow-up appointments.

You can also use cushion pads that help in reducing friction and pressure on the bony prominence of the toe. The pads also alleviate corn pain. Risks associated with corn removal surgery include infection, nerve injury, and toe stiffness.

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