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At 866-866-feet we are committed to giving back. Dr. Ravaei has been taught by his parents and his family members that giving back should be a part of his daily life. Every since he was a child he has tried to help the community either by providing funds or by any other means. We would like you to help us give back as well. Should you become our patient and we get reimbursed either by you or by your insurance company, we will make a charitable donation of up to 10% to a cause of your choice. When you come in to our office you can notify us that you would like us to make a donation to a charity of your choice. You need to supply us with a name of at least two charitable organizations that you would like us to donate to. For example, it could be PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), a homeless shelter, battered women shelter, Girl Scouts of the USA or your favorite charity. These organizations need to be established organizations. For example, we will not help an organization that we can not verify. Once we get reimbursed we will mail a payment to the mentioned organization and we will include your name in it as well. We believe this philosophy will lead to a better world and will encourage everyone to donate. Asides from all the religious and spiritual benefits of donations, there has been many scientifically documented accounts of people gaining physical, mental and emotional benefits from doing good. These could include but not be limited to a heightened sense of well being, relief of insomnia, stronger immune system and a speedier recovery from surgery. We hope you help us do good.